Countertop Care and Warranties

Caring for Your Countertops


hether you choose natural stone or materials like Formica and Dekton, properly caring for your countertops will help ensure you enjoy them for years to come. Different counters require different maintenance, however – keep reading to learn how best to care for your unique countertops.

Cleaning Synthetic Countertops

Countertops made from materials other than natural stone, such as Formica and Dekton, are generally easy to clean with warm water and a gentle household cleaner. Once any debris has been removed, simply wipe down the countertops, then rinse with water. Always be sure to spot test any cleaner to ensure it is safe to use with your counter’s finish.

Cleaning Natural Stone Countertops

Special care should be taken with natural stone countertops. To ensure they stay in top condition, homeowners should:

  • Daily– Wipe off debris with a dry paper towel. Once all debris is removed, wipe down the entire countertop with either a natural-stone-safe wipe or natural stone soap and a clean, damp paper towel.
  • Long-Term– Every two to three years, granite countertops should be resealed to guard against staining, create easier wipe-up and preserve their natural beauty.

Please note that all countertops should be cleaned using a neutral stone soap only (pH7). This will help prevent damage and promote lasting use.

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Cleaning kitchen table  with blue cloth

Preventing Surface Damage

Because natural stone is slightly porous, your countertops can stain and etch. Etching is a type of surface damage usually caused by acidic fruit juices, alcohol and some cleaning products. While you may not be able to feel the damage, a dull-looking area will be noticeable. Homeowners with natural stone countertops also have to be careful to avoid scratches, because although most types are scratch resistant, they are not scratchproof.

To prevent surface damage, always follow the specific care instructions for your countertops. If your countertops have a special finish or any seams, be sure to request care information for these features. As a general rule of thumb, however, you can use sealers and impregnators to serve as a moisture barrier. These won’t completely shield against stains, but they do give you more time to wipe up spills. For serious stains, resurfacing may be required.

Using Protectant Spray

Paxton Countertops recommends using Platinum All In One to keep your countertops polished, protected and clean. This protectant spray offers no buildup and can be used on any non-walking surface, including brass, chrome and stainless-steel components. For your convenience, you can purchase PPI Platinum All In One spray with your countertop order.


While proper care will help extend the life of your countertops, repair or replacement may be necessary. That’s why we partner with top brands to ensure your continued satisfaction with your counters. Warrantees differ based on the manufacturer so be sure to check the specifics for your products before you purchase.

And with every countertop Paxton fabricates and installs, you can rest assured that we’ll always stand by our product, so that every customer feels satisfied with the result. If you have any questions about your warranty or how to care for your countertops, just give us a call at 517-627-3688 or contact us online.

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