Laminate countertops now come in a broader range of looks and styles and can transform your space while on a budget. Laminate is durable, resistant to wear and impact resistant .

Features and Benefits

Paxton's 5 Points of Excellence

1) We make physical templates to ensure a very snug fit to the walls and consistent overhangs.

2) We Use marine grade plywood for our splashes, screw down our splashes, and apply sealant under the splashes making them water tight.

3) We use structural epoxy under seams so they can’t ever separate.

4) We cover all of our bottoms where ever there is an overhang. This works great at the dishwasher and sink area to reject moister from entering the bottom of your countertop making it feel fuzzy with time. This also looks very clean and balances the countertop minimizing expansion and contraction.

5) We Apply sealant around every cut out (sink).

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