Edge Profiles

Find the Perfect Edge Profile for Your Project

Elevate your style with the right edge profile. Make an informed decision by exploring the different options available. Each profile offers a unique style and level of durability, allowing you to create a design that perfectly fits your project’s needs.

Mitered Edge

Get a sleek and modern look for your countertops with a mitered edge. This technique involves cutting the corners of two slabs at a 45 degree angle and seamlessly joining them together. The result is a smooth and seamless appearance that gives the illusion of a thicker countertop. Mitered edges are also perfect for creating waterfall legs on the sides of islands or at the end of a countertop run. Enhance your kitchen with this stylish design feature.

Chiseled Edge

Experience the authenticity of the outdoors with our Chiseled Edge. Its hand-finished edging brings a natural, rustic charm to any space.

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