Discover the perfect stone for your unique style.

Experience the everlasting beauty of natural stone. Each slab in our showroom is a masterpiece, crafted by nature itself. With a wide array of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that speaks to you. We also offer customizable man-made stone alternatives, offering the look of luxury at a more accessible price point. No matter your style or budget, Paxton is here to guide you towards finding the stone of your dreams.


Get a countertop that shines with a polished finish! This popular and classic option provides a sleek, glossy appearance that enhances the natural colors of the material.


Get a sleek, modern look with our honed finish. Say goodbye to shiny reflections and hello to a chic matte appearance. Plus, you’ll love how soft it feels to the touch.


Get the luxurious look of leather with a textured finish that brings out the unique characteristics of the material. Our leathered finish has a smooth matte appearance that enhances the natural contours, coloring, and veining of the stone. Experience the beauty of nature in every detail.

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