Visit our Showroom

Visit our showroom and experience our one-stop shop for Countertops. Choose from Quartz, Granite, Solid Surface, Porcelain, Ultra-Compact, Laminate and other Natural Stones. We have hundreds of full slabs and remnants to pick from at our manufacturing facility and large samples of all of them for your viewing pleasure. In addition, we also display our seven Countertop edge options, Countertop supports, sinks, faucets, and other accessories. Best of all, we have free samples!

Not sure what you want or where to start?

When you visit our showroom, one of our Product Specialists will guide you through all the material, styles, patterns and color options available. In addition to the color you choose, we will also discuss the various Countertop edges as well as sink and faucet options to finish your look. Our experienced staff will help you see all the opportunities, and work with you to find a solution that meets your needs, budget and design. Whether you are a home or business owner, we provide you with the highest quality Countertop materials and a world-class Customer experience all at a fair price. Our experts are here to help.

What should you bring to your consultation?

A layout with Countertop dimensions would be the most important as well as pictures of your existing kitchen or project area. Cabinet, flooring, and paint samples are also helpful. Pictures of design inspirations or color pallets you have been dreaming about will also help this process. Don’t have any of these?  Don’t worry, just show up and we will walk you through the rest. We love talking about what we do!

Not sure what you want or where to start?

We strive for efficiency. That’s why Paxton Countertops invests in the best operations management process in the industry: Synchronous Flow. Just like it sounds, Synchronous Flow allows us to control, monitor, and report on every activity within Paxton Countertops – in real time – ensuring the highest quality installations and Customer experience in the industry.

  • Daily morning Buffer Meetings to track and monitor any potential issues
  • Effective communication from your Partner Support Specialist (Scheduling)
  • Cutting-edge Throughput scheduling process which allows us to provide a 6 day lead-time you can set your watch to
  • Chaos free approach to Countertops




Let’s get your project started! We’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

  • Set an appointment or stop in to our showroom at 6003 W. Saginaw Hwy Lansing 48917 and meet with one of our Product Specialists who will provide you with a quote while you wait
  • Email your layout and details to [email protected] 
  • Do you have questions and need to speak with a Product Specialist over the phone to help you through this process? Call us at 517-627-3688 




  • Meet in person with your Product Specialist who will thoroughly review your details with you and answer all of your questions before you approve your quote and Job Order.
  • Email your approved, signed quote and Job Order to your Paxton Countertops Product Specialist.



In the Job Order, we ask you to indicate a RAO date (Ready As Of). We use this date to schedule your template installation dates. If you do not have an accurate date at the time the order is placed, you can email or text your Paxton Countertops Partner Support Specialist (Scheduler) when that date becomes available to you. Both Template and Installation dates will be confirmed to you within 72 hours after you submit your order.

1 WEEK TEMPLATE & INSTALL REMINDER 5-7 days prior to your Template and Install dates, your Paxton Countertops Partner Support Specialist (Scheduling) will call, text or email you a reminder.  

1 DAY TEMPLATE REMINDER The day before your scheduled Template, your Paxton Countertops Partner Support Specialist (Scheduling) will email, text or call you with a 2-3 hour time window of the Templator’s arrival. The Templator will contact the site contact listed on the Job Order when they are 30-60 minutes out to give a more accurate time of arrival.  

1 DAY INSTALLATION REMINDER Your Partner Support Specialist (Scheduling) will email, text or call the day prior to your scheduled Installation with a 2-3 hour time window of the crew’s arrival. The crew will also call or text the site contact provided on your Job Order when they are 30-60 minutes out to give an accurate time of arrival.



(Natural Stone only)

1-2 weeks prior to your Template, you will be contacted by Paxton Countertops Partner Support Specialist (Scheduling) to set an appointment to view and approve of your Natural Stone slabs.



An accurate template is the secret ingredient to a perfect final product. Our team uses Digital Templating, the most advanced technology in the industry, to create a pattern that is the starting point of your project. 

Digital templating captures the geometry of installed cabinets, outlets, and walls that the countertops will touch.  We then add your desired overhangs, radii, sink cutouts, and additional elements that will make the tops fit your space and lifestyle.

Preparing your space for a template

  • All cabinets must be in place and screwed to the wall
  • Clear the tops of all of your current counter stops. Remove EVERYTHING. 
  • The templator will come to the project site and review all project notes with you. 
  • The templator will set up his or her equipment, take pictures of the space, make notes, and enter information into the computer. 
  • The templator may ask you questions and together you can make some decisions if needed.
  • The templator will complete the digital template, go over it with you, and you will sign off on it.



Once the digital template has been completed and approved, the project moves to the Paxton Manufacturing Shop. We ensure your complete satisfaction with your project from start to finish.  Throughout the entire process, we are available to answer any of your questions or concerns.



After your beautiful custom project has been fabricated, our professional installers will get to work.

Paxton is accredited by the The Natural Stone Institute (NSI), the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA), and Rockheads Group USA. You can feel confident in our technical skills and ability to deliver high-quality service. And for us, quality assurance means stopping by even after the installation is complete to make sure that your seams are still looking great and that all work has been completed to your standards.

There’s never been a better time for a redesign!

6 Day Lead Time!

Looking to transform your space with stunning Countertops? You’re in the right place! Discover the perfect Countertops for your home or business today with only 6 DAY LEAD TIMES!